I've added the scripts in Quick Start, but products aren't displaying

It could be a variety of things, but here are a couple of items to help troubleshoot:

  • Products are set up in Commerce7
  • If you're looking at Collection pages (like https://spectra-winery-demo-v2.v2-template.commerce7.com/collection/wines), make sure that products are assigned to the specific Collection
  • The page file has <div id="c7-content"></div> included somewhere (this is where products are output to)
  • There aren't any js conflicts. Try disabling your website js for other plugins and see if the products appear.

For the subscription widget (class="c7-subscribe"), is there a way to automatically assign a tag to all users to complete the form?

Unfortunately, there is no option to add a tag to all signups. The only setting is if you want to request first/name via the data-has-name-fields="true" attribute

Is there a way to sort products in a specific display order?

In a manual collection, you can drag and drop the order. Learn more

I want to display all products in the collection like shows products 1 to n-1. How do I show all products?

We recommend omitting the start and end, and it will show all of them. Keep in mind, you can't show more than 50 per page due to API limit.

Are there any alternate layouts available for product pages?

If you made your own site, we would recommend making a new page in WP, and use your page builder to construct the exact layout you're looking for.

Use placeholders for the various elements. Then, view the page on the front end and copy the source code for the content of that layout, and paste it into C7 as a product template. Lastly, you can replace your placeholders with the dynamic tags C7 offers. Details here ]