URL Parameters

Add to Cart

To automatically add a sku to a cart (ie for an email campaign) use one of the following.

  • ?addToCart=sku-goes-here&quantity=5
  • ?addToCart=sku-goes-here
  • ?addToCart=sku-goes-here&quantity=5&checkout=true

Add a Coupon

To automatically add a coupon code to a cart (ie for an email campaign) use the following.

  • ?couponCode=coupon-code-goes-here

Add Meta Data

To automatically add meta-data to a cart (ie for tracking a customer variable), first setup the meta data inside Commerce7. Once you setup the meta data ensure you get the code. Let's assume you setup Referral Source and the code is 'referral-source', use the following:

  • ?meta-referral-source=value-goes-here

Pre-pend the word 'meta' to the code and pass that in via URL parameters. You can pass multiple values meta codes at the same time.